Quit Smoking Programs: Classroom-based Courses

Quit smoking programs that use a classroom format generally require you to meet with others at a specific time and place for an hour or two, generally once or twice a week over a period of a few weeks.  However, some quit smoking classes use a 'one-shot' approach where you meet just once, but for several hours.  (If you're looking for info about other types of programs, you can also read about residential programs, where you live at the program site for the duration of the program, and  home study programs, where you get program materials to use in the comfort of your own home.)

More information about programs that use a classroom format is coming soon.  I plan to review two programs that provide classes nationally, including Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking,  and SmokEnders Seminars.  If you have experience with either of these programs that you'd like to share, or if you know of any other quit smoking programs that provide classes that are offered nationally, please  contact me. 

In the future I hope to develop a resource page describing quit smoking classes that are available locally, as well.  Even though I will not be able to personally review all of the smaller local programs, if there is a local resource that you know about that might help others in your area, please  contact me and let me know.  I will add it to a list of resources organized by locale.