Hello and welcome to the Quit Smoking Advisor, your one-stop-shop for information and advice about how to quit smoking.  If you're like most people, you've probably already tried to quit a bunch of times, a bunch of different ways, and you may be feeling kind of cynical and pessimistic about whether there is really anything out there that can help you.  Or you may be feeling really determined to 'get it right this time.'  Or maybe both - quitting smoking can be funny that way...

In any case, that's what this site is about: Figuring out what works. Understanding your choices.  And putting them to work for YOU, so you can get what you want for yourself

You'll find an array of information on this site - from Acupuncture to Zyban - to help you do exactly that. Feel free to jump right in. Use the sidebar on the left, or take a look at the section descriptions below to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Prescription Drugs

Information about quit smoking drugs, pills, and FDA-approved medications that can help you stop smoking, including Zyban and Chantix.

Learn about Zyban (bupropion) and Chantix (varenicline) success rates, side effects, how they work to help you quit smoking, the pros and cons to using them, and who should avoid them. 

Also, read about the latest in smoking cessation techniques such as the new quit smoking vaccine under development. Is it new hope for quitting, or more of the same?

Patches & Gum

Learn about various stop smoking aids, including nicotine patches, nicotine gum and lozenges, and other products to help you quit smoking.  Product comparisons and success rates help you choose. 

Learn about how the nicotine patch works, the pros and cons of using them to quit smoking, and potential side effects.  Compare the different types of nicotine patches available. 

Learn about nicotine quit smoking aids, including how nicotine sprays and inhalers work, the pros and cons of using them to quit smoking, and potential side effects.  Compare the different types of stop smoking aids. 

Learn about how stop smoking gum and nicotine lozenges work, the pros and cons of using them to quit smoking, and potential side effects.  Compare the different types of stop smoking aids. 


Natural Methods

A natural way to quit smoking includes herbal remedies and other techniques.  Read about herbal formulas and techniques such as nicotine fading to reduce withdrawal symptoms and avoid side effects.

If you're planning to quit smoking cold turkey, here's what to expect.  Read about the pros and cons, success rates, and withdrawal symptoms.  Plus, when you should try to quit smoking cold turkey.

People have used herbs to quit smoking for many years.  Lobelia, or "Indian Tobacco" is one of the commonly used ones.  Learn how it works, what side effects to expect and whether it's right for you.

Quit smoking gradually using a technique called 'nicotine fading.'  Nicotine fading helps eliminate withdrawal symptoms without risking side effects.  This may be the most natural way to quit smoking of all.

Alternative Methods

Review the scientific evidence of effectiveness for various ways to quit smoking, including hypnosis, acupuncture, and laser therapy.  Read pros and cons for each way to quit, and find out what works.

Thinking of trying to quit smoking with acupuncture?  Read about how it works, pros cons to using it, and the evidence of effectiveness as a way to quit smoking.  

Quit smoking hypnotherapy promises to reduce your desire to smoke while increasing your willpower. Does it work? Find out what the research says.

Considering laser treatment to quit smoking?  Compare laser treatment to acupuncture, read the research on effectiveness., and find out what consumer groups think about laser treatment to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Programs

Learn about different the different types of quit smoking programs available, including residential programs, quit smoking classes, and home study programs. Success rates, pros and cons, cost info

If you're considering residential quit smoking programs to quit smoking, you'll want to do your homework.  Read about residential programs in the US, including sample schedules and cost information.

Stop smoking programs come in a bewildering variety. Should you take a quit smoking class, join a support group, or do a home study program? Let the Quit Smoking Advisor help you make the right decision.


Psychology of Smoking

If you have a cigarette addiction and want to quit smoking, you DO need to get off nicotine.  However, if you also want to eliminate your desire to smoke, nicotine is not your only problem.  Take a look in this section to read about some of the psychological factors that make quitting difficult, and what to do about them.